Monday, 26 November 2007

Do we care for India?

A recent conversation between me and a friend, I summarize here.
My friend is a PG student in Texas University. And I am working in Sweden.

She: Its very envying to see the modernized and organized west. India must change.
Me: But who will change India?
She: Its the government, they are the reason for the problems in India.
Me: But who is the government?
Tell me one thing; do we have enough rights to point our fingers towards the government? Who selected them? We can’t say, we have not voted. So why did you not vote? Then the expected reply, "I did not like anyone, so".
At least I would say, all these explanations are just escapism.
Especially she and me and many alike, I would say, we don’t have any real 'Akkarai' towards India. We only care for our bank balance. Simply shouting in some Google chat across time zones, "India must progress, lotsa things must change in India, Its the politicians who are responsible for the corruption" does not mean we care for India.

How many of us cared for traveling to our constituencies and register our votes?
How many of us registered our self in any constituency?
All of us will vote, if there is online voting available and if the government posts the login,password details to our home address. That is all we can do for our India. So lets not complain.

And one more thing, we must not compare India with the West, rather compare with India itself how it was 20 years before, 10 years before and now.
Certainly there is progress. You and I are blessed with the western exposure. But that does not mean we can complain about India in the name of CARING.

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