Thursday, 22 May 2008

No Name Yet - Part 6

From the time I started to write this series, I have been waiting for this time, to write about the people I feel,
'Blessed with'

During my tenure in Sasken, Bangalore, I gained few important people in my life.
This little piece of writing goes as a dedication to them, they deserve much more though.

We joined Sasken on the same day. We sat next to each other in the induction, had lunch together, we did not realise we were going to make a beautiful relationship, A relationship that does not expect anything from each other, A relationship which will last lifetime, A relationship which will be filled with hearty laughs, speechless tears...
She is one of the best people I have come across in life. How can one think good for all the people around? She can!
She is the most intelligent I know, too sincere in her work.
She is very irregular in writing mails, replying mails, making phone calls etc. But I for sure know, I hold a very special place in her heart, Afterall, if she has chosen my name to be her password. I left Sasken around 3 years ago and she still remains there. She may have got acquaintances.But I am her only friend and I am very proud about that.She says, 'A friend at work is too important, I miss you Priya'. Its selfish of me, wanting to hear this 'I miss you', especially from her.
I miss you too Pavani, you are a great friend!

I met her also on the first day in Sasken, I asked her about the bus route.
We smiled at each other in the subsequent days, went for coffee times...and that is how we became friends. The first thing that attracted me about her was, the way she writes emails. Normally mails from quality team asking for metrics and time sheet filling used to be so boring. But this person knows how to even make those bugging mails interesting. She has amazing quizzing skills, a good singer and her language is awsome. She is very straight forward, even more than the required extent, that she appears rude to many people. Our common colleagues have asked me, "how could you keep close to her?". To me, she is like that and I like her that way!
Whichever company I am in, my coffee time would surely remind me of her and I am sure she will feel the same. We have enjoyable gChat sessions and thats how we are in touch for years now.

Now about some little Angels.
Padma, Anitha, Sonnia, Uma and Raji.
I have many a times felt, God has sent these little Angels to my life. I shared an accomadation with these girls for sometime. They are four years younger to me, but lot matured than me.
I have learnt a lot from them.
Right from silly little things like how to fine chop onions to great lessons in life like, what it means togetherness-one thing that was missing in my earlier stays, what it means not to hurt the people around us, what it means caring for one another...
It does not mean we never had differece of opinions or fights, but we have made up much earlier, quicker, which made our relationship so strong.

This word means lotus, but to me this word means 'unconditional affection'.
She has quite many times made me guilty, if I am worth all what she has done for me?
She has gone through lots in life, but I used to wonder how could she keep smiling and energetic amidst all these?
She has a passion for craft work and I love the perfection in it.

Whenever I knead the dough for chapathi, I think of her with thanks, she has taught me that...She is such a great dancer and a wonderful cook.

She was so dear darling to all of us. Later in life, we happened to sit in two different branches of the same company across continents. I did not have any friends in my office, as I happened to be the only Indian in the whole office, only lady in the technical team. But Sonnia has wiped off my loneliness with her lovely chat session through IM.

She was a kiddo in our house. A very sensitive but caring person.She has got a perfect nose and lovely hair.She has been so sincere in her love life and she is Blessed with a peaceful wedding with her beloved.

I have always looked upto Raji for her cool head and wide interest towards movies and sports.

All I said about these five little brats are just too less for what I feel for them. They are very very special to me!And yes, each of them made me felt very special to them at many instances.

(To be continued)

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